Upgrade Your Toothpicks With These Bourbon and Whiskey Soaked Versions

For even the lightest buzz, it’s worth it. 

My earliest memory involving toothpicks was my mother warning me not to chew them, which was a habit my grandfather had acquired. Apparently, whatever they were coated with to prevent splintering always ended up saddling him with a headache. Clearly, they weren’t coated in whiskey.

Solving that, Toothpick company Daneson now has two versions of liquor-laced teeth cleansers. Using A-Grade wood milled from northern white birch in America, as well as natural ingredients, they clearly have a commitment to quality, making them a brand to look out for. Pair to that, toothpicks soaked in six-year-old barrel aged Kentucky straight bourbon or barrel aged Isley single malt scotch, and we’re in business.

Two things to note: the likelihood of you getting any sort of buzz from these things is pretty much nonexistent, it’s the flavor that counts. That said, you better snap them up fast, as when we checked a few days ago the bourbon variation was sold out and only recently restocked.

Both are $35.99 for 24 toothpicks.