This Box Transforms Into an Outdoor Kitchen

Summer cooking…in a crate.

If outdoor cooking is on your agenda this summer, you should immediately be prepared for two things: flies on your food, and a slew of bulky equipment. We have no solution for the flies. We can, however, show you the most crucial item to come out of Austria since strudel, the Camp Champ

Constructed of waterproof, boatbuilding plywood, the structure is easily unfurled, transforming into a damn-near professional grade cooking station with enough gear for six people. Camp Champ features a built-in knife rack, utensil holder, and spots for pots and pans. Even in folded-up position, it keeps your equipment snugly in place. 

Check out this mesmerizing GIF to see it in action, via Gadgetify

Or, if you prefer, the full-length video set to jaunty music:

[CampChamp, approximately $6,000]

Photos by This Box Transforms Into an Outdoor Kitchen