Brad Pitt’s 5 Favorite Things About Motorcycle Grand Prix

The diehard MotoGP fan says he’s watched every race for the last 15 years. What does he know that you don’t?

Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt is a drooling fanboy when it comes to the heros of Grand Prix motorcycle racing, whose exploits he terms “Incredible, incredible, incredible.” Pitt is joined by other famous fans like Josh Brolin and David Alan Grier.

Indeed, Pitt is such a knowledgeable enthusiast that he’s narrated a new film on the sport, called “Hitting the Apex.” Pitt told that he follows MotoGP “religiously, like a maniac.”

What have you been missing? 

1. Valentino Rossi. The ageless Italian has won the MotoGP championship six times and this year is gunning for his seventh, a feat that would tie him with the original Italian Master, Giacomo Agostini. Indeed, it was Rossi’s riding that galvanized Pitt from a casual fan to a true fanatic. “It wasn’t until Rossi’s time that I became maniacal,” he said.

2. Jorge Lorenzo. “I love Lorenzo, because his focus is absolute – this fighter pilot focus. He’s incredible.

3. The riders’ skill. “These guys have to make decisions at 200 mph in milliseconds that will determine if they stay on that bike, or smash into the guy in front of them,” he said. “It’s just thrilling to watch.”

4. Being swept up in fandom. “You attach your life to it, and either it goes the way you want it to, or it goes against you. The gods are with you or they’re not.”

5. “Hitting the Apex.” His new film describes the battle for the MotorGP championship.

Check out some amazing MotoGP action in the video below, and see if you agree.

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Photos by MotoGP