The Bragi Dash Are A Micro Computer For Your Ears

These wireless ear buds monitor every aspect of your life

The Bragi Dash Smart aren’t headphones — they’re wireless microcomputers that happen to sit in your ears. In addition to playing music from your phone or their built-in 4 gigs of storage, the almond-sized  ear buds (the first-ever completely wireless in-ear model) also act as a very personal trainer, monitoring such stats as steps taken, heart rate, and oxygen saturation via an array of biometric sensors. As if that wasn’t enough, the waterproof buds also have a built-in mic that lets them act as a noise-canceling headset and are operated by gesture-based controls.  If our day-to-day lives didn’t require face-to-face conversations, we’d never take them out. Pre-order now. $199;