Braun Returns To Audio With New Speakers Featuring Airplay 2 and Google Assistant

The classic German brand is making a hi-fi comeback.

braun new speaker line

Iconic design brand Braun is getting back into the audio game with its first new speakers since the original Dieter Rams-designed LE line came out 28 years ago. Three new Braun speakers–the LE01, LE02, and LE03–will go on sale in October. 

The speakers channel Braun’s classic German minimalist design and feature modern audio upgrades like WiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Chromecast and Google Assistant, courtesy of built-in microphones.


The sleek-looking speakers can be grouped in stereo pairs for multiroom sound and come in black or white colorways.

For the record, the new speakers aren’t actually being produced by Braun, but rather Pure Audio, which licensed Braun Audio branding from Procter & Gamble this year, points out The Verge. But they still boast the Braun brand name, design sensibility and, one would hope, dedication to high-end audio sound.

There will be three different-sized models of Braun’s rebooted LE line: the largest, the $1,199 LE01; a midsize $799 LE02 model; and a smaller, square LE03 version for $379.