The Brewie May Be The World’s First Fully-Automated Craft Beermaker

Craft your own draft with the touch of a button.

The Brewie automatic home brewer (Photo: Brewie)

Not to be confused with Brewsees, the zany sunglasses that help you shotgun a beer, Brewie is a fully automated home beer brewer. Though they say it’s the world’s first such system, it appears similarly functional to the Picobrew Zymatic, which sports a similar claim. But we’ll let them fight it out. 

One difference is that they package what they call Brewie Pads, bags of all the ingredients you need for your selected beer (from their database of over 10,000 recipes). Just throw the bag in the box, scan the accompanying RFID card to tell Brewie how to execute the recipe, then push a button and it does its thing.

You can experiment and concoct your own signature flavors using their app, saving your favorites for posterity. And if you’re comfortable messing around with the mashing, sparging and hopping (that’s technical talk), this system lets you adjust 23 parameters to your liking.

Although their successful 2X-funded Indiegogo campaign is long over, you can still pre-order a Brewie for $1,849 (a 15% discount), which includes: the machine itself, four 5-liter kegs, a cleaning kit and your first Brewie Pad. Add the $150 shipping cost and you’re right at two grand, coincidentally the price of the Zymatic.

Either way, two great options for gettin’ your craft brew on.