This $1,000 Damasteel Knife Is A True Work of Art

It’s cutting-edge in every way possible.

Brian Tighe 'Zip Tighe' folding knife

With over a quarter century of experience, prolific Canadian knife maker Brian Tighe (pronounced like “tie”) crafted his Zip Tighe folding knife ($1,000) using a unique blend of old and new tech.

The 3D machined carbon fiber handle features a ridged, step pattern, along with an attached pocket clip. Flip open the distinctive 3 3/4-inch stainless Damasteel blade and you’ll reveal its telltale pattern. Forged through a patented powder metallurgical process, those wavy lines run right through the razor-sharp blade (i.e. aren’t just laser-etched on its surface).

It opens with a quick snap and locks in place
It opens with a quick snap and locks in place (Photo:

But don’t let the eye-catching design fool you. This thing is a great everyday carry, ready to snap open, lock in place, and serve you with many years of precision use.