Brough Motorcycles Reveals the Superior SS100

It’s built on history for speed.

Two weeks ago, a 1929 Brough Superior SS100 once owned by British General T.E. Lawrence (the real-life Lawrence of Arabia) was auctioned for £315,000, or just under half of a million US dollars, making it the most expensive motorcycle ever sold. No one was surprised: Brough was the top-line motorcycle of its day. Brough Superiors used to be referred to as the “Rolls-Royce of motorcycles” so often that Roll-Royce’s CEO decided to visit the factory. When he saw the quality of the workmanship, he welcomed the comparison. But only 3,048 of the bikes were made before the company was shuttered (for World War-related reasons) in 1940.

Building on that rich history, and off of Brough Superior’s dominating performance in the collector market, the brand is releasing a new version of its iconic SS100 power-bike.The new bike is shaped much like the old, with a high-mounted, streamlined tank and gently unfurling exhausts. In fact, the only real tell that this is a modern sports bike are the contemporary, racing-compound tires.  The engine is a completely in-house design: an 88-degree V-twin with a semi-dry crankcase. In fitting with the bike’s bespoke nature, Brought Superior will tune each engine for each customer; 100-140 horsepower is available, as well as a choice of throttle-mappings and torque curves. Two styles are available, Titanium and Black, depending on if you’d like to channel glitz or fly under the radar.

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The luxury market has fully recovered, and exclusivity never goes out of style. We foresee a big success for the brand, even with the SS100 starting at $62,000. 

Photos by Brough