Bunkr Launches Monthly Subscription Box Of Essential Survival Items

The service delivers tools, solar power banks, sustainable food, face masks, sterile rubber gloves, canteens, and more.


Entrepreneur and marketer Zev Norotsky has launched a new subscription box, Bunkr, that’s arrived just in time for the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to their website, Bunkr will deliver “a best in class survival foot locker featuring 40 essential pieces that everyone should have in their home.” 


But Bunkr’s offerings don’t end with the footlocker. Included with that is a free month of Bunkr’s subscription box service, which will provide carefully-curated gear to keep the locker full for as long as you need to feel the security of being prepared for whatever is next.

A sampling of what subscribers can expect, per Bunkr’s news release, includes “items such as multi-functioning pocket knife tools, solar power banks, sustainable food items, face masks, sterile rubber gloves, canteens and much more.”


Bunkr’s footlocker with 40 choice items and the included free month is selling for $249. Once your subscription begins, it’s just $29.99 a month. Learn more at www.bunkr.club.