The Buster is an LED Lightbulb with Serious Style

It’s metallic gloss and room-filling glow make it right for any space. 

LED bulbs are far more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts and they’ll last long enough to shine on your infant’s graduation gown. But they’re bland, ugly things best hidden beneath lamp shades. The Buster bulb from British shop Buster + Punch deserves to be displayed. Touted as the first-ever designer LED, the teardrop-shaped bulbs are available in gold, smoked grey, and crystal, each of which is frosted in a metallic gloss for a bold, masculine look that begs to be dangled in a a spare, industrial themed loft or somewhere near a stuffed boar’s head. Inside the bulb is a resin pipe that not only emits a warm, ambient glow but also a focused spotlight effect on items directly below it — a first in the field. Despite this, it only uses five-percent of an incandescent’s power. $43;