This 201-Inch Retractable TV Is the Perfect Outdoor Screen for Your Yacht

This might be one of the sickest screens ever.

After reaching 15 feet

The world's largest outdoor LED TV rises from below deck
The world’s largest outdoor LED TV rises from below deck (Photo: C SEED Entertainment Systems)

Once your guests have arrived on your yacht by way of jetski, drone or other conveyance, it’s your hostly duty to wow them with an equally amazing experience throughout, whether they be lounging, dining or playing.

That means movie night simply must be al fresco. With everyone in their favorite repose awaiting the start of the show, you press a button and from under deck rises a giant black monolith to a height of 15 feet. Quietly and majestically, seven enormous LED displays unfold flat into the world’s largest outdoor TV, the C SEED 201.

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Although this amazing, award-winning system’s been around a few years, it never ceases to impress. At 5,000 nits, it’s way brighter than regular TVs and fully daylight compatible. (An important consideration, given the sun-soaked climes you’re sure to be floating through.) In fact, the only way a picture on it will get washed out is if you capsize—and even then, it’s waterproof.

You can remotely adjust the rotation (135 degrees in each direction) and height of this massive 1.4-ton display to ensure an optimal viewing angle, as it serves up 281 trillion colors at an impressively smooth 100,000 Hz refresh rate. But its drool-worthy prowess isn’t limited to just the display itself.

And off you sail, watching the coolest screen on land or sea
And off you sail, watching the coolest screen on land or sea (Photo: C SEED Entertainment Systems)

The C Seed’s 15 speakers crank out a combined 5,100 watts. And you’ll be able to feed a wide variety of entertainment formats into that highly capable audio system via the glass fiber optics that connect to its multi-source media server.

Although its website doesn’t offer a purchase price, we’ve seen it listed at half a million euros (likely to vary with installation). If you have to ask how many dollars that translates to, needless to say, you probably can’t afford it.