C-SEED Debuts World’s First 137-Inch Folding TV

Watch video of the mega-sized set rising from the floor.


There’s the comfort of a movie viewing night at home, and then there’s the out-of-this-world experience that is viewing an immaculate C-SEED folding television, and the bar just got raised even higher by the luxury television brand.


C-SEED is set to debut its 137-inch N1 folding television at CES 2024 for the first time, the Las Vegas showcase billed as the “most powerful tech event in the world.”

C-SEED already makes the world’s largest outdoor television, and the indoor-focused C-SEED N1 is ready to make waves in its own right, promising “total transformation of your living space into the ultimate home entertainment,” the company notes.

At a glance, it appears the specs on the stunning television-meets-work-of-art are more than ready to rise to the occasion (literally).


At rest, the television resembles a super-sleek modern sculpture, but within just 60 seconds, the display rises to a height of 7.8 feet, before five panels unfold in the next 25 seconds to complete the jaw-dropping set-up.


The five panels make up a vibrant and vivid MicroLED display, complete with seamless picture quality and technology that automatically calibrates its brightness.

Integrated audio and a full control system also bolster its seamless operation.


And when folded down to its base, the aerospace aluminum design is sleek and streamlined, unlike any other television on the market (“an object of singular refinement,” as C-SEED notes).

While CES always delivers moments of awe-inspiring, tech-savvy genius, especially in the world of luxury TVs, C-SEED has an ingenious blend of art, design and technical flair built right in.