This Custom Damascus Steel 1911 Pistol Set Is a Six-Figure Collector's Item

High-end gunmaker Cabot unveiled its "Fire and Ice" pistol package.
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Pennsylvania's Cabot Guns is billing their ultra-exclusive "Fire and Ice" pistol set as perhaps "the most beautiful ever crafted." Anyone familiar with high-end firearm company's past work—including the Mosaic Damascus and Diablo Damascus release— knows that this is a helluva statement. 

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Cabot specializes in crafting custom Colt 1911-style sidearms forged from Damascus steel and then tricking them out with beguiling, one-of-a-kind finishes inspired by a central theme. The Fire and Ice set is no exception. 


With a "yin and yang" motif in mind, the expert gunsmiths made mirror right- and left-hand pistols chambered for .45 ACP. The upper receivers, lower receivers and many of the inner workings were crafted from artisan Damascus steel, Damascus referring to a technique originally used to make ultra-strong blades with wavy, intricate patterns.

The blue grips and triggers were also formed using the Damascus method on titanium and then coated in a glistening layered blue finish. Material for the front and rear sights, however, was sourced from a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite. (Given that Cabot also used the otherworldly space rock in its Big Bang and Stellar Fusion sets, we imagine they're supply has gotta be running low.)

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Blue sapphire-set buttons serve as the mag releases, and unique cocking studs, which are also made from Damascus titanium and match the grips, were installed to aid in racking the slide.  

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All of the freshly contoured Damascus was etched to create a topographic surface that enhances tactility and then extensively hand-polished before being treated with a final diamond-like "Black Ice" carbon finish. 

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As if these pretty pieces weren't already meticulously detailed enough, Cabot took that "yin and yang" mirror image philosophy to an extreme by inverting the direction of the rifling in the left-handed pistol's barrel.

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One doesn't just sell these weapons in a run-of-the-mill black polymer box, so Cabot presented them in a custom-made case with a hammer, bushing wrench, and knife, all of which were crafted from the same slabs of Damascus metal used for the guns.

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Amazingly, someone picked up the Fire and Ice pistol set just days after it was unveiled for an unknown amount of money. When asked, a Cabot representative told Maxim that it sold for "six figures", and it sounds like some well-heeled gun collectors believe it's worth every penny.