Callaway’s Big Bertha V Series Wants You to Swing Faster

A newly refined driver swings faster, moves you back to the men’s tees.

Generally speaking, amateur golfers (that means you) swing too hard. However, when it comes to your driver, you need all the club head speed you can get. The reason is simple: Club head speed equals ball speed, ball speed equals distance, and distance equals all the glory and riches on earth. (Part of that equation was made up, but whatever.)

Say hello to the Big Bertha V Series driver from Callaway, a club built to increase the club head speed of the average player. Most golfers know the cruel irony that you won’t gain club head speed by swinging “harder.” You will only gain a searing bitterness turning your heart to ash, because your ball will go into the woods, probably sideways. You gain club head speed by increasing swing speed. Confused? Don’t worry, Callaway isn’t.

With the V Series, Callaway has made the head significantly more aerodynamic. Then Callaway made the whole thing lighter. A lot lighter. The V Series starts at 290 grams, which is way skinny for a driver. Part of the weight savings came from using fancy new Forged Composite materials in the crown. The other part came from using a super light shaft. All in all, this is driver design at its leanest and meanest.

The V Series may be Big Bertha on a diet, but swing with confidence. She floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Photos by Callaway Golf Company