These Sunglasses Will Help You Shotgun a Beer

Pound one in style.

If you had a choice between plain chugging and shotgunning, the latter’s always a cooler way to quickly imbibe. And sure, you probably have something nearby that can breach a beer can. But maybe you’re not as precise a piercer as you’d like to be. Never fear, cause Brewsees has you covered.

Their Canimal sunglasses are specially equipped with stainless steel temples and barrel hinges, to complement their polarized UV400 lenses. So they’re not only studly wayfarers, but sturdy enough to impale the aluminum can of your choice, as shown in the video below:

Because their Kickstarter campaign just started yesterday, there are still plenty of earlybirds left. Though they’ll retail for $49, you can currently grab a pair for $29. You’ll save a sawbuck and be the terror of 12-ouncers everywhere.

Photos by Brewsees