This Case Turns Your iPhone into an Old School Game Boy

Go retro today.

Retro Console

Sometimes you pick up your iPhone and you flash back to the first time you had a Game Boy in your hands. That, or maybe sometimes you wish you could get authentic retro games on the iPhone.

Case maker Wanle has come up with a killer solution: a Game Boy case for iPhones 6 through X which will take you back big time. 

Game Boy iPhone case

It’s a perfect fit, with every port you’ll need, and it installs just as easy as any other case. But anyone who’d buy this isn’t concerned about how closely it hugs their phone; they want to know about the games.

The manufacturer lists 10 classics, including Formula One racing, Snake & Block, Tank, and of course, Tetris. 

game boy iphone case

For those who aren’t big Apple fans, there has been an Android accessory that performs similar functions for a while. The good thing about this case is it might be a little easier to hide at the office. 

The normal price for this case is $79.95, but if you click through anytime between Sunday afternoon and Monday, March 12, you can pick it up for $24.95.

h/t The Verge