Watch This Famous Snowboarder Hitch a Ride On a Giant Drone in Epic Holiday Video

YouTube wild man Casey Neistat is at it again.

The video starts with the drone towing Neistat on a snowboard
Casey Neistat/YouTube

We already know that famed YouTube personality Casey Neistat likes wild snowboarding, as seen in this video of him joyriding through Manhattan with reckless abandon for the mayor’s imposed snowbound travel ban.

And as per this viral video below, we know that Casey loves to fly (international first class, no less):

So it shouldn’t come as a huge shock that at some point he’d figure out a way to combine these passions into one glorious adrenaline-pumping romp. But in this case, he wasn’t flying in a plane. Just the assistance of a giant, home-built (not to mention festively lit) drone.

As you’ll see in the final video below, it starts off innocently enough, with him getting towed along by the drone while dressed up as Santa riding a snowboard. Not so different from dronesurfing, except it’s on powder instead of water.

But after wowing the crowds at base camp, he takes a turn uphill. That is, defying gravity. Swimming upstream, as it were, right up the mountain. And then he catches air.

Not in the sense of just grabbing a few extra seconds of airtime thanks to the drone. What’s the fun in that? He actually gets hauled way up into the air and right over the lodge.

Yes, he's flying over the lodge using just a drone
Yes, he’s flying over the lodge using just a drone

The video ends with some warm holiday greetings and you wondering: Did he actually just do that? Is it real? Or is it like how they made it look like a car was flying in Man with a Golden Gun, but it was actually using a helicopter?

From what we can see—and what we know about Casey—it looks bona fide. But don’t expect we’ll all be able to use a similar method of alpine transport to forego the chairlift lines anytime soon.