G-Shock MT-G Series Gets Metallic with New Carbon Fiber Watches

Metal mania.

G-SHOCK MTGB2000 promo

Casio just dropped an all-new G-SHOCK MTGB2000, beefing up its luxury MT-G series with an innovative new carbon fiber-reinforced case. 

Bulking up the Metal Core Guard Structure used in previous MT-G models, G-SHOCK–which seems to debut a new watch every week– has imbued its latest timepiece with a Dual Core Guard structure that incorporates a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case, designed to leverage both the lightness and superior strength of carbon fiber.

The carbon monocoque case is surrounded by a metal frame, giving the watch a refined metallic look. 

The MTGB2000D-1A model features a black bezel and dial with a layered-composite band made with a higher proportion of fine resin, paired with metal parts and is about 15% lighter than previous models.


The MTGB2000B-1A2 features a black dial with blue accents, and a complementary blue bezel with a soft urethane band for optimum fit. 


Both models utilize sapphire glass with non-reflective coating to the inner glass for clarity and undergo rough polishing to their beveled edges for a mirror finish.

The watches are the first in the MT-G series to be equipped with three dual coil motors for swift operation of the hands and receive radio wave time-calibration signals to adjust the time when paired with a smartphone using the G-SHOCK Connected App. 

Both models also come equipped with G-SHOCK technology including:

  • 200M Water Resistance
  • Shock Resistance
  • Triple G Resist
  • Radio Wave Reception
  • Tough Solar Power System
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Daily Alarm
  • Automatic Time Adjustment
  • Full Auto LED (Super LED)
  • Stopwatch (24Hr)
  • World Time (27 Time Zones, DST)
  • Countdown Timer (24Hr)
  • Full Auto Calendar


The MTGB2000B-1A2 will retail for $950 and the MTGB2000D-1A will retail for $1,000 and will be available for purchase beginning in November at select G-SHOCK retailers and gshock.com