Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday With 5 High-Flying Products From His Cannabis Line

Happy birthday to the reggae legend, who would have turned 73 today.

Left: Getty Images

Bob Marley would have been 73 today if cancer hadn’t tragically cut his life short in 1981. But the reggae king lives on through his music and his trademarked line of cannabis and pot products, Marley Natural. As a devoted Rastafarian, the Jamaican legend loved weed for both its spiritual properties and its creativity-sparking high. 

Celebrate Marley’s legacy with these five stoney products from his Marley Natural line:

1. Cannabis 

Photo: Marley Natural

Marley Natural’s flagship product is, of course, weed. Four carefully cultivated strains of sativa and indica offer energetic head-highs , mellow full-body experiences, and even anti-inflammatory benefits courtesy of their cannabinoid-rich “Marley Red” strain. 

Note: Marley Natural cannabis products are currently only available in Washington, Oregon, and California. 

2. Water Pipe  ($178)

Photo: Marley Natural

“Water Pipe” is head shop code for “bong”, and this one’s a beauty. Made from durable hand-blown borosilicate glass that’s thickly bolstered in the base for extra strength and balance, this thing isn’t just virtually unbreakable, it also comes with a sweet lion etching.

3. Hybrid Bubbler ($162)

Photo: Marley Natural

For those who want the best of both worlds, this hybrid bubbler is the ticket. A relatively voluminous base and a globe-shaped percolator provide ample filtration when you want a wet hit, and the pipe detaches for a mess-free smoke sesh. Plus, the Black Walnut inlays make it a perfect coffee table display piece. 

4. Cannabis Oil 

Photo: Marley Natural

Not to be confused with non-psychoactive CBD oil, Marley Natural’s cannabis extracts will definitely get you stoned. Just make sure you load them into the appropriate apparatus—these dab pens would work nicely. 

Note: Marley Natural cannabis products are currently only available in Washington, Oregon, and California.

5. Body Care Products ($5-$30)

Photo: Marley Natural

Hemp-infused lip balm, lotion and hand soap allow you to enjoy the soothing properties of cannabis and other Jamaican botanicals without the high.