The Cirrus Vision SF50 is a Pint-Sized Private Jet

For when you want to fly your own goddamn plane.

Most private jets are like yachts: huge, luxurious, expensive, and requiring a crew to operate. The Cirrus Vision SF50, then, is like a Hinckley: small but capable, a fraction of the cost, and owner-operated. Whereas even a midlevel Gulfstream G450 has a 77-foot wingspan and 22-ton operating weight, the wee Vision SF50 has a 38-foot wingspan and an operating weight around 2.5 tons.

That makes it the perfect jet for the adventuresome (wealthy) family. Though missing some of the swagger of a larger craft, the Cirrus still brings a lot to the table. With a single Williams FJ33 turbine and unique v-shaped tail, the Vision is much simpler to fly than a multi-engine, but can still go the distance. Seamlessly integrated Garmin avionics mean no Lampoon-style navigational mishaps, and satellite radio and reclining seats will keep shenanigans to a minimum.

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And, like all Cirrus aircraft, the Vision jet comes with CAPS, a humongous parachute system that deploys in case of mechanical failure and gently floats the plane to safety. Hand those Xanax prescriptions out to your friends, nervous fliers.

Rumored to start under $2 million, the wickedly cool Cirrus Vision SF50 makes the private jet seem almost practical.

Photos by Cirrus Aircraft