Citizen Celebrates Iconic Sports Car With Limited-Edition Nissan Z Watch

The $2,495 Nissan Fairlady Z Watch celebrates the Nissan Z with two limited edition timepieces.


You really can have the best of both worlds if you’re an auto enthusiast and a collector of stellar timepieces, because Citizen and Nissan are making it easier than ever to celebrate. The new Citizen Nissan Fairlady Z is both a speedy homage to the iconic Nissan Fairlady Z, and a finely crafted timepiece in its own right.

The Fairlady Z changed the course of Nissan’s fate when it was introduced in 1969, with the kind of clean design and zippy looks one only finds with a sporty two-seater. The Citizen Nissan Fairlady Z nods to that blend of design and heritage for the modern man in modern times.

One of two limited editions of this visually stunning timepiece can be yours for the taking via pre-order right now at an accessible and not-over-the-top price tag of $2,495.


The Citizen Nissan Fairlady Z is every bit as functional and visually impressive as the line of cars on which it’s based, boasting triple chronograph design in an homage to speedometers. The 42mm case diameter means this watch is easily legible on the road, with a crisp tachymeter and a bezel featuring global city abbreviations.

It’s a unique and innovative touch, one that nods to the truly global nature of Citizen watches and Nissan automobiles.

It’s also built on a tough yet lightweight super titanium bracelet and case, and true to form, it’s powered by Citizen’s H804 Eco-Drive movement, which derives energy from light.

Use the power reserve indicator to keep precise track of time across the globe, and of course, appreciate the style points you gain from the “Seiran Blue” Fairlady Z body color on one of the Fairlady Z models.


The other model, as Citizen tells it, “evokes a thunderbolt (or ikazuchi),” using yellow accents and nodding to the yellow dot seat design of the most recent Fairlady Z.

Fairlady Z cars are coveted in their own right, and there’s no doubt that these two watches (limited to about 1,700 unnumbered pieces each), could very well become just as prized for watch collectors and automobile fans in equal measure.