Cold Weather Surfers Rejoice Over World’s First Mobile Steam Room

Your lack of an endless summer… is no longer a bummer.

Your lack of an endless summer… is no longer a bummer.

Winter surfers hate the cold almost as much as winter soldiershate Captain America. But a New Hampshire start-up has stepped in to offer some sweaty respite to even the bluest of beach bums. 

Surf Sauna is the world’s first sand savvy steam room for those that refuse to let a lack of rays keep them out of the waves. The mobile unit costs upwards of $16 grand, but the company is planning to start renting ’em out at a more palatable $90 per day. 

“The product is our original idea and after extensive research we found our product to be the only one of its kind with the surf sauna branding,” says company spokesman, Ross Beane. “We often bring music in the sauna and relax with friends. The sauna reaches up to 190 degrees so even the coldest surfer can warm up inside quickly.”

(Uh…190??  Well this thing’s a deathtrap waiting to happen…)

The Red Cedar/stainless steel wonder is resistant against years of saltwater exposure, fits up to eight people comfortably/nakedly and comes complete with a changing tent,  shower, surf racks and a wood-fired stove.

And, as always, our legal department strongly advises against any and all stereotypical surfers looking to hotboxinside this hot box. 

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