This Mad Scientist Just Built an Actual Working Hoverbike

We have liftoff.


British plumber Colin Furze, the prolific inventor behind such wacky creations as the high-voltage ejector bed and rocket launcher sock remover, is a world record holder, for creating the longest bike, biggest bonfire and (at the time) fastest mobility scooter.

Now he’s set his sites towards the heavens—or really, just off the ground—with his latest mechanical masterpiece: a working hoverbike. With some backing from Ford, Furze designed and built a dual-engine vehicle that’s able to get him just airborne enough to float around.

Prone to spinning out and without significant forward thrust beyond just shifting his weight forward, it’s certainly no 74-Z speeder bike (for you Star Wars fans out there). And he won’t be racing Franky Zapata or Yves Rossy anytime soon. But as a proof of concept, it’s very cool.

Heck, who knows? Maybe one day in the future, one of his inventions will go beyond “weird and wacky” and actually change the way we get from Point A to B.