The Confederate X132 Hellcat

The Confederate X132 Hellcat is the cure for the common crotch rocket.
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Named after the famed World War II fighter, the Confederate X132 Hellcat embodies everything that made those planes great: power, per­formance, and, of course, huge balls. Handmade in Birmingham, Alabama, this bike has no bells and whistles—don’t expect heated handlebars—but, damn, it looks good! “Following a minimalist approach forced us to showcase the craftsman- ship,” boasts Confed­erate Motorcycles CEO H. Matthew Chambers. Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Hellcat has its 132 hp V-twin engine, transmission, and swing-arm pivot fused into one freak­ishly strong Voltron-ish entity. The drive-through guy at Taco Bell is gonna crap himself when you order your chalupa on this.


Price: $50,000

Engine: Fuel-injected V-twin

Horsepower: 132

Quarter-mile: 10.5 seconds

Top Speed: 175 mph (est.)