The Confederate X132 Hellcat

The Confederate X132 Hellcat is the cure for the common crotch rocket.

Named after the famed World War II fighter, the Confederate X132 Hellcat embodies everything that made those planes great: power, per­formance, and, of course, huge balls. Handmade in Birmingham, Alabama, this bike has no bells and whistles—don’t expect heated handlebars—but, damn, it looks good! “Following a minimalist approach forced us to showcase the craftsman- ship,” boasts Confed­erate Motorcycles CEO H. Matthew Chambers. Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Hellcat has its 132 hp V-twin engine, transmission, and swing-arm pivot fused into one freak­ishly strong Voltron-ish entity. The drive-through guy at Taco Bell is gonna crap himself when you order your chalupa on this.


Price: $50,000

Engine: Fuel-injected V-twin

Horsepower: 132

Quarter-mile: 10.5 seconds

Top Speed: 175 mph (est.)