Convert Your Dirtbike into a Snowbike and Rule Winter

Motocross, meet deep powder.

How can you avoid the O-word (in this case, “offseason”) when it comes to dirtbiking? Use the Timbersled conversion kit to make it a snowbike, of course.

A dealer can take care of it for you, but it should only take you a few hours (once you get the hang of it) to do it yourself, if you’re fairly handy in the garage. Either way, adding this second purpose to your bike will make for an agile, all-season vehicle that rivals (and some would say exceeds) most snowmobiles.

Each of the four models (priced $5,300 to $6,500) varies in the width (10.5″ vs. 12.5″) and length (120″ vs. 137″) of their scooping, tire-like tracks. All feature a bottomless rail system and long-arm pivoting suspension. Translated for the uninitiated, that means you’ll get a smooth and nimble ride, no matter how much white stuff you’re blasting through.

Okay, enough talk. Check out their new promotional video to see what these things can really do:

Photos by Timbersled Products