Brew Beer Through Your Phone With This Wireless Home Brewer

It’s about damn time.


BrewArt digital home beer maker (Photo: Coopers Brewery)
BrewArt digital home beer maker (Photo: Coopers Brewery)

Leave it to the Aussies to come up with an easy, 21st century way to make your own beer at home. Coopers—known Down Under for their DIY products as much as their own fine ales—will soon release their BrewArt system, a connected digital appliance that takes all the mess and guesswork out of home brewing.

Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, you can monitor and control the whole process right from your phone, literally from ordering the ingredients to seeing where in the natural fermentation process your concoction is. A few weeks and you’re ready to proudly serve your own suds.

The expected price for the main unit is around $700, with the ingredient packs—spanning a deliciously large range of 3,000 beers—running between $28 and $44 for 10 liters (about 2 1/2 gallons) worth of beer.

Although BrewArt will be available in Australia in just a couple of weeks, we sods here in the States will have to wait until later in the year. So we’re putting it on our holiday list, just in case you’re wondering what to get us.