This Ingenious Ice Wedge Quickly Cools Drinks Without Watering Them Down

For when regular ice just isn’t fast enough.

Classier and more effective than cubes bobbing around

The Whiskey Wedge
The Whiskey Wedge (Photo: Corkcicle)

From actual rocks to frozen tumblers to incredibly intricate mini ice sculptures, we’ve seen all sorts of snazzy ways to cool our cocktails. But as demonstrated by the Whiskey Wedge, sometimes simpler is better.

Using an angled silicone form and the included double Old Fashioned whiskey glass, you freeze ice right into the glass. Because the resulting ice wedge is larger, it melts slower than traditional cubes. Thus you can enjoy a chilled, unspoiled version of your favorite spirit for longer.

Just lace the wedge in the glass, add water and freeze
Just lace the wedge in the glass, add water and freeze (Photo: Corkcicle)

Of course, based on variables that include how long you’re holding your glass and the air temperature wherever you happen to be standing, actual melt times will vary. And while we haven’t had the pleasure of conducting extended research with the product, a company rep assured us that it remains adhered right to the glass for a while before becoming dislodged as a much smaller piece of ice.

In the meantime, you may have topped off a time or two. But when it finally does break free, it just floats like a regular ice cube, with little or no risk of bonking you on the nose (perhaps depending on how many times you have in fact topped off).

It’s available on their site for $18. Especially because you’re basically beholden to the included glass for this system to work, we wish they sold it in sets of two, four or six. 

But we’re fine with the idea of being the only guy at the party to cool his drink this particular way.