This Bulletproof Couch Comes With Its Own Hidden Gun Safe

Now *this* is a couch built for a man cave.

couch bunker.jpg

Often times, you’re at home enjoying some buttered popcorn and a movie, when an unwelcome guest bursts through the door with a .44 Magnum, threatening to “blow your head clean off.” Do you cower or scamper? Neither, because thankfully you ordered the optional bullet-proof cushions to go along with your CouchBunker.

As its name implies, in addition to ballistic cushions, this otherwise unassuming-looking piece of furniture hides a fire-rated gun safe, which can be used to store valuables, up to 30 rifles, or (for those of us less than 7’3″) yourself. The couch itself weighs about 250 pounds, and with the safe it’s 900 pounds, just so you know how many moving buddies to line up.

This dually gun-ready sofa — offered in a few styles, dozens of colors, and fabric or leather upholstery — is available on their site for between $7,800 and $10,200. Oh, and in case you don’t need a couch but like the idea of extra protection, these guys also sell table and closet bunkers, as well as a calendar-toting desk blotter that can be used to stop bullets and shield you from shrapnel.

Your home just got a whole lot safer — or, at least, your living room did.