Get Fired Up With This Foldable, Credit Card-Sized Handgun That Fits In Your Wallet

For when they DON’T take Visa.

lifecard gun

Introducing the LifeCard, a .22-caliber pistol that folds into the size of a credit card. 

The ultra-compact handgun from North Carolina’s Trailblazer Firearms is being billed as “the last gun you’ll leave behind.”

Here’s more about the groundbreaking self-defense innovation from the company’s press release:

LifeCard® is a .22 LR single-action, single-shot folding pistol, no bigger than a credit card when folded. The sleek, no-snag designed pistol’s frame and grip handle is constructed from fully-machined aluminum billet and hard-coat black anodized. The tilt-up barrel, bolt and trigger are made of steel with an Isonite® finish for corrosion resistance.

“Trailblazer Firearms fully intends to spearhead innovative new firearms products starting with the LifeCard®, available later this month,” Aaron Voigt, President of Trailblazer Firearms, explained “New designs and true innovation have been the exception and our goal is to be the pioneer laying new trails for gun enthusiasts, designers and manufacturers.”  

Check out the LifeCard’s specs here:

Caliber: .22LR

Action: Single-Action, Single-Shot

Length: 3.375 inches

Height: 2.125 inches

Width: 0.5 inches

Weight: > 7 oz.

Barrel: Steel, Tilt-Up

Frame: Aluminum (includes folding handle)

Features: Ambidextrous, built-in safety features, ammo storage in handle for 4 rounds

It just might be the ultimate way to conceal a pistol for self-protection….just be careful when you’re pulling out your driver’s license at a traffic stop.  

For more information on the LifeCard, check out Trailblazer Firearms here.