This Minimalist Turntable Mashes Up Vintage Style with High-End Features

Check out Crosley’s stylishly simple vinyl spinner.

Any more minimalist and it'd just be a tonearm

Combine the DNA of Crosley Radio (purveyor of vintage radios and jukeboxes) and Pro-Ject Audio Systems (turntable minimalists and tonearm specialists) and you get the C-10, a warm wooden deck for spinning your favorite vinyl. But this simple turntable isn’t lacking in high-end touches.

From its shock absorbent feet up to its removable dust cover, it’s got the kind of features analog audio lovers will appreciate. Such as the belt-driven platter turning on a stainless steel bearing running in a bronze bushing with a Teflon bottom. And an adjustable counterweighted aluminum tonearm that rests on sapphire bearings.

Vintage style and high-end features
Vintage style and high-end features (Photo: Crosley Radio)

While we haven’t personally heard it, we have heard that it delivers music as beautiful as it looks. So for just $430, you get a gorgeous audio component that doesn’t skimp on either sound or style.