This Gorgeous Tactical Folding Knife Is Built Like a Tank

It can probably cut a hole in the side of one, too.

Crusader Forge Apex 3D Tactical Folding Knife (Photo:

To go along with over a quarter century’s experience in Special Ops, Maciej Szczerbiak has worked with numerous high risk security units around the globe, is an internationally certified Yacht Helmsman, a nationally certified law enforcement sniper instructor, certified SWAT rappel master, certified diver, EMT/Fire Captain and wilderness medicine instructor.

In other words, he’s pretty badass and knows a thing or two about survival gear. Having made custom knives for 20 years, he’s the one behind Crusader Forge’s highly textural Apex 3D tactical folding knife ($1,225).

It features a 1/4-inch thick blade and solid frame lock build (Photo:
It features a 1/4-inch thick blade and solid frame lock build (Photo:

The razor sharp 2 3/4-inch long, 1/4-inch thick S-30V stainless steel blade features a matching 3D camo pattern with its titanium handle. Made for ambidextrous opening, this American-made knife features an index finger guard flipper and a thumb groove on the blade spine for a secure grip.

Make no mistake, gentlemen. It’s a little artsy and kinda pricy, but this is a serious knife made to serve you in the most serious situations.