Stunning Aluminum ‘Fuselage’ Cabins Can Be Set Up Literally Anywhere in the World

Taking camping to the next level.


Tree Tents International

Camping just got 1000% cooler thanks to British company Tree Tents International (TTI), which has come up with a pack-flat, easily transportable aluminum structure resembling a jet fuselage which can instantly turn even the most remote campsite into a design masterpiece. 

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Tree Tents International

The Fuselage Extreme Wilderness Cabin, inspired by the principles of modern aerospace design, is lightweight, robust and extremely portable. Designed to be either mounted on stilts or suspended from trees, it can literally be set up anywhere, even on the most challenging terrain.  

Tree Tents International

A triple-layer insulated skin and double-glazed windows keep the cabin weatherproof while options like a  wood-burning stove and even a low-voltage radiant heating system makes it extremely cozy even in the dead of winter. It’s also eco-friendly thanks to being made of sustainably sourced wood and recycled aluminum. 

Tree Tents International

The standard model features wood flooring and measures 10′ x 16′ though extended versions made to be more permanent are available. 

Each cabin is designed and built to order in the UK, and prefabricated and flat-packed, to ensure quick installation. You can install it yourself with help from TTI’s experts, or have them install it for you.

Tree Tents International

Convertible seating and a single bunk beds or a double bed can be specified, while bespoke options include solar power, air conditioning, a composting toilet, shower and kitchen facilities (in extended versions), aircraft-style canvas storage lockers, and LED lighting kits.

Tree Tents International

They don’t come cheap, with prices starting at around $35,000 (pre-order one here), but if you’re into glamping and really want to get off the grid this is hands-down the coolest way to do it. 

h/t: designboom