This Tough As Hell Tactical Wallet Hides a 14-Function Multi-Tool

It might be the most menacing money clip ever.

This tactical wallet packs cash

Your money and your multi-tool are your most basic everyday carries. So of course it makes sense to combine them into one glorious EDC. And Dango Products has designed one to perfection with their tough but highly functional T01 Tactical Wallet.

In a mix of metal, leather and silicone, this lightweight, minimalist wallet can carry your cash and up to 12 business or credit cards—which it secures both physically and wirelessly through RFID blocking. But what makes it truly great is its 14-function, high-carbon stainless steel multi-tool.

Just be sure to remove the multi-tool before going through TSA (Photo: Dango Products)
Just be sure to remove the multi-tool before going through TSA (Photo: Dango Products)

This card-shaped wonder is a serrated saw, knife, nail pryer, hex wrench, bottle opener, all-important smartphone stand and much more. But most importantly, it’s removable. So you can leave it at home or check it in your luggage before going through a TSA security checkpoint (and likely having it confiscated).

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With over a month to go in their Kickstarter campaign, they’ve already more than quadrupled their funding goal. But you can still snag one of these bad boys in either all Jet Black or Raw Aluminum & Brown Rawhide for just $69.

Just think: that’ll save you $21 off the retail, which you can promptly fold right into your new tactical wallet, when it arrives in November.