Deus Ex Machina Just Built Our New Favorite Bike

The splendidly-named Henrich Maneuver has Bavarian guts and American style.

You may or may not like BMW’s new, plump-and-surfaced styling direction, but none can deny that the Bavarians still make awesome machines—whirring, buzzing, mechanical contraptions that go fast and sound great, even if that sound is a little fake. To celebrate the company’s solid status as a builder of some of the finest handling transport on the road, custom builders Deus Ex Machina has fabricated a fantastic bike with an even better name, the BMW Heinrich Maneuver. The ‘cycle is based on the R Nine T, and now features a bespoke subframe, a lovingly crafted, gloss-white fuel tank (with suede trim), repositioned foot pegs, and a custom seat (also suede). The look is debonair Café Racer with an undercurrent of dark, Black Forest-in-a-storm menace—this is a beast that deserves to be gone over in detail. 

Photos by Deus Ex Machina