This $100,000 Diamond-Encrusted Vape Is Made for the High Life

Meet the world’s most expensive cannabis vape.

Diamond Double Barrel Vape Promo
Double Barrel

We’ve seen some fantastic “high”-end products before, from 24 karat gold rolling papers to upscale edibles. But none of them are as outlandishly luxurious as this blinged-out vaporizer. 

The Diamond Double Barrel might ring a bell—a stainless steel version of the shotgun-like smoking contraption made the rounds earlier this year before appearing in the hands of Russell Brand’s character, Lance Klians, on HBO’s latest season of Ballers. 

Russell Brand hits the Double Barrel in “Ballers.” 

The Double Barrel company was also named one of Entrepreneur’s 100 Cannabis Leaders 2018 in the mag’s October issue. The money-minded outlet might just give them another award if they can actually sell their new $100,000 device. 

There are 3,000 reasons the Double Barrel Diamond costs so damn much. It’s encrusted with as many pavé-laid diamonds and over 151 grams of solid white gold. Curiously, the two cannabis oil reservoirs are wrapped in a camouflage design—not like this thing is going to blend into its surroundings.

Double Barrel

“Double Barrel presented me with an opportunity I never saw coming to artfully execute a high-voltage accessory for the cannabis consumer who has it all,” said jeweler and designer Gerard Alexander. 

It might look intimidating, but operating the vape is pretty simple: Load each custom-tuned chamber with one of the brand’s premium cartridges, clip on the magnetic knuckle rings, and take a hit. 

Double Barrel

Watch a demonstration of the standard Double Barrel below: 

If you’ve got the cash, contact the company to commission a Diamond Double Barrel, or buy it’s bling-less predecessor for $100 in select California dispensaries.