The DJI Phantom 3 is the Drone You’re Looking For

The camera-equipped quadcopter is ready to soar out of the box and is smart enough to pilot itself. 

Camera drones are complicated pieces of machinery that often require an engineering degree to pilot, but the Phantom 3 is a highly polished, professional-quality piece of equipment that can be controlled by anyone with a working knowledge of joysticks. The quadcopter features a 4K camera as well as a robust array of internal tech (6-axis gyroscope, electronic speed controllers) that allows it to stay steady when it soars to heights of 1,000 feet or distances of 1.2 miles. It comes in two versions, the Professional, which shoots 4K footage at 30fps, and the Advanced, which records in high-res at up to 60fps; both are ready to fly out of the box. A handheld controller steers the craft, while a sophisticated app displays captured footage in real time and lets you dial in settings. And if you’re having too much fun whipping it around to check battery life, don’t worry: the Phantom 3 is smart enough to sense when its power is dwindling and pilot itself back home. From $1,000;