This Military Smartphone Is Waterproof, Dustproof and Impervious To Extreme Temps

World’s toughest smartphone?

Doogee Smartphone Promo 2

Now there’s an ultra-tough smartphone to match your Navy SEAL-designed Regulus wristwatch. 

The Doogee S55 is about as rugged as they come. The device has a “military standard” IP68 rating—the highest awarded on the Ingress Protection scale—which means it’s totally resistant to harmful dust and can survive immersion in 90 feet of water for at least 30 minutes. And it’s virtually impervious to freezing cold or broiling heat, so feel free to bring it to a scorching desert or a frozen tundra.

An aluminum alloy frame and leather-texture rear cover guard against clumsy drops, while plastic covers keep 5.5-inch HD+ screen virtually scratch-free. 

The S55’s ability to battle the elements isn’t its only impressive performance spec. 4 GB of RAM (twice that of the iPhone 8) and an octa-core processor can handle graphics-intense gaming and take high-res videos shot on its 13 megapixel main camera or front-facing 5 megapixel lens. 


Better yet, ultra-efficient processing allows users can enjoy 24 hours of video, 28 hours of web browsing, 35 hours of call time, or 700 hours of standby in 4G before the battery drains. 

But the best part is the S55’s unbeatable $150 price tag. Pick one up one up in “Mineral Black” or “Fire Orange” now, and watch them get taken through the ringer in brutal durability tests below:

h/t: Hi Consumption