This Shotgun-Like ‘Double Barrel’ Vape Will Get You All Fired Up

Lock and load to blend two weed flavors at once.

This shotgun-like vape not only looks totally badass, but it serves a unique purpose. Users can mix their favorite cannabis oils while taking hits from what appears to be some kind of marijuana-wielding weapon. 

As the video above demonstrates, it couldn’t be easier to use. Load each custom-tuned chamber with one of the brand’s premium cartridges, clip on the magnetic knuckle rings, and take a draw off the device.

Double Barrel

Double Barrel’s dual-chamber air flow system was inspired by the traditional double barrel blunt. 

Two carb-like airflow plugs located near the mouthpiece can be covered to draw from a single side, but where’s the fun in that? 

If you’re fired up to try the Double Barrel, make your way to one of many California dispensaries selling the device for $100.  

h/t: Uncrate