This Double-Barreled Pistol Comes Disguised as a Smartphone

It’s a sidearm fit for a spy.

If you know anything about this site, it’s that we have an appreciation for the tools of spy craft, the weapons, gadgets, and trappings that would-be secret agents rely on to get them into (and out of) tricky situations. Now, you can live a little more like James Bond with the Ideal Conceal Double Barrel .380 Caliber Pistol.

The small firearm, specially designed for minimal malfunctions, collapses down into a nondescript grey rectangle that, at a distance, is almost indistinguishable from the average smartphone. Sure, it’s not as elegant as a watch laser or dart pen — and you can only strap one in in states the allow concealed carry — but the Ideal Conceal pistol is primed for maximum safety and accuracy, an impressive feat for something small enough to fit in your pocket. 

Oh, and this thing comes with a flashlight and laser sight, because why not?

The pistol, which will be available in the middle of 2016, will cost you about $400. But if you’re a firearms enthusiast with a love of old-school spy gadgets, this may be the perfect sidearm for you.

h/t HiConsumption