The Double-Duty Digital Turn Table

This new mixing board turns you into that EDM DJ who goes home with the dancers.

Call it poetic justice: New technologies are remixing the definition of DJ-dom. One of our favorite new disruptors is the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3, a compact DJ console that integrates seamlessly with iPhones and iPads yet allows for authentic scratching via old-school turntables. In other words, you can not only use it to hand-mix jams, but, with Djay 2, an iOS app that was specifically designed to work with the DDJ-WeGo3, you can go all David Guetta on your favorite Spotify tracks. Built for music lovers without experience on the ones and twos, this Pioneer party piece doesn’t skimp on advanced features like Beat Sync, easing looping, and push-button sampling. Small enough to fit in a backpack, the DDJ-WeGo3 is available in black or white with an aluminum top plate. [$390; Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3]