Just Look at This Insane 111-inch, Double-Sided TV Screen

LG’s sexy, curvy, giant OLED display is literally turning heads.

Delivering the opening keynote at IFA 2015 last week in Berlin, LG Display CEO and President Dr. Sang Beom Han showed off some OLED prototypes. Among them, we couldn’t help but notice the 111-inch “wave” double-sided display, as shown off in the gawk-worthy video below.

Made up of three 65-inchers on their sides and stitched together, this brilliant Vertical Tiling OLED certainly seems like it’d be more appropriate for commercial use. But that’s not to say it wouldn’t look stunning undulating through our living room (if we were to, say, knock down a wall or two).

Besides, it’ll finally be the perfect complement to the 201-inch behemoth outdoor display that’s even as we speak lurking under our imaginary dream backyard, ready to automatically arise from beneath with the touch of a button.

Photos by LG Display