This Fearsome Shotgun Will Stop Zombies Undead in Their Tracks

12 gauge, 10 pounds, 16 rounds. Game over.

The DP-12 sports 16 rounds of serious firepower

Some guns release sweetly chirping songbirds. Others shoot rubber bands. This ain’t one o’ those candy ass kiddie toys. The DP-12 is a serious pump-action shotgun, capable of firing 16 rounds of 3-inch shells before having to reload.

When full, the magazines hold fourteen rounds, leaving two for the live chamber. After you release the safety and pump the slide release (both ambidextrous), each pull of the trigger shoots one shot, alternating between the left and right barrels. You pump after every two—which may take a little getting used to, given its unique action.

A rubber recoil pad and dual spring-loaded shock absorbing recoil mechanisms are designed to give it less kick than you might expect and help temper its sick firepower with consistent reliability.

Along with the FFL of a licensed firearm dealer, $1,395 will get you this gun. Or they have two “works” packages (here’s one and here’s the other) for $1,725 each, which include a variety of sites, mounts, rails, chokes, freakin’ lasers and such.

Those Zombies—er, that is, zombies—won’t stand a chance. Happy defending!