The Home Keg System That Fits in Any Fridge

If you’re not gonna tap that, we will.

Bottles suck. Not just because they noisily clank around, are awkward to store in the fridge, and you inevitably have to open them. But for the main reason any serious beer drinker has to admit: Draught beer just tastes better.

While we’re all in favor of installing a kegorator at home, the more practical way to go is the Draftmark Home Draught Beer System. You start by purchasing a dispenser unit ($50). Then you need to find compatible beer containers. They currently come in six varieties (including Goose Island and Shock Top) for $12 to $14 each and you can find them in over a dozen cities around the country. Once you get your trusty barrel home, you’re just six hours away from enjoying a cold frosty one—that’s the time it takes both to charge the dispenser battery and chill the beer in your fridge.

The beer is already carbonated, so it’s just a matter of pressurized air—which never comes into contact with your beverage—pushing out the beer as you pull down on the tap. Your gallon of beer (just short of a twelve pack) will last about a month when properly tapped.

Or possibly till the end of the first quarter, if you’re hosting.

Photos by Draftmark