Drake Ordered a $400,000 iPhone Case Made of Diamonds and Gold

Don’t lose your phone, dude.

Drake Jason of Beverley Hills iPhone Case Promo
Jason of Beverly Hills

For $400,000, one could buy two Aston Martin DB11s, all five of these gorgeous gold watches, or, if you’re as loaded as Drake, this ridiculously iced-out iPhone case. 

The hip-hop superstar, whose hit song “God’s Plan” recently won him his second career Grammy Award for Best Rap Song, reportedly dropped that absurd amount on an iPhone X shell made by Jason of Beverly Hills.

Custom jeweler Jason Arasheben crafted the opulent smartphone accessory with 18K white gold and over 80 carats of flawless white and blue diamonds. 

A white gold OVO owl logo complete with gigantic diamond eyes pushes its levels of bejeweled decadence way over the top of any iPhone case we’ve seen before.

As Highsnobiety notes, the “Nonstop” rapper has a taste for overpriced jewelry, whether it be a $100,000 chain or $18,000 white gold grills. 

Here’s hoping Drake doesn’t lose his iPhone anytime soon–and that he’s hired a good financial advisor to manage his riches.