Meet The Drankgon, The World’s First Dragon-Shaped Beer Bong

Bottoms up, ‘Game of Thrones’ fans.


Just fill, invert and suck that dragon (Photo: Drankgon)
Just fill, invert and drain that dragon (Photo: Drankgon)

With summer now officially in full swing, it’s time to party like Labor Day will never get here. Although you could opt to do a shot or pound some champagne, beer is the standard chugger’s choice.

To that end, a shotgun approach is fine when you’re just looking to imbibe a quick dozen ounces. But for those times when you really want to unleash your inner dragon, grab a Drankgon.

Each 17.5-inch tall high density polyethylene flagon holds over 64 ounces of liquid refreshment. Just fill it, invert it and open your gullet for all you’re worth.

It’s available in gold, green or black: one for $27, two for $50 and three for $70.

When not being used for consuming mass quantities, these handy dragons are adept at breaking up ice or even watering plants. So please don’t pigeon hole them.