WATCH: Skier Sets Jet Thruster Speed Record on Icy Field

We’ll be watching from the comfort of our heated homes, thank you very much.

Pia Rivelsrud sets the jet thruster speed record on a mostly icy field

Who better to field test Dreamscience Propulsion’s Thruster—a battery-powered jetpack with carbon fiber fans whizzing at 30,000 RPM—than Pia Rivelsrud, the former alpine skier and current Norwegian TV show host who tests various consumer gear?

And we do mean “field test.” To see how fast she could go, she took to a mostly ice-covered golf course. On her third attempt, she topped 53 MPH, besting snowboarder Jamie Barrow’s previous speed record by almost 4 MPH.

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Just to be clear, that’s the fastest anyone’s gone on a flat surface with the aid of a motor. Italian daredevil Simone Origone has gone almost three times as fast with only gravity and a really steep hill—and plans to try to beat his own speed skiing record again next month.

When he does, we’ll be waiting in the nice, warm, heated lodge with a brandy in our hand.