WATCH: This Guy Made a Backyard Helicopter From Dozens of Tiny Drones

And it works!

We don’t know much about the inventor behind the Gasturbine101 Youtube account, but a video he posted Saturday of his latest creation reveals work that is either pure genius or a future Darwin Award waiting to happen.

The video shows some 54 drones lashed together to make what looks like a rudimentary helicopter. The Telegraph reports the mysterious inventor hasn’t exactly made a new uber-drone. He’s created what he calls the “Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone.” But the English paper states that “it’s not really a drone, because it’s got an actual man in it.”

The Swarm could actually carry two average-sized men, if its inventor’s claim that it takes “a weight of 148kg,” or 326 lbs, is true.

Honestly, we’re not yet convinced this isn’t a preview of some terrible personal drone apocalypse for real, and this is how they will band together to kidnap the unwary one day. Perhaps they’ll be aided by hench-drones bearing automatic handguns. Then it will be time to break out the drone-targeting shotguns and laser cannons

We joke, of course, this mad man’s chained drone swarm looks like a lot of fun—just watch the full video below and start planning your own personal hovercraft/drone-copter today. But if you do, be very carefully, please.

Photos by Screen capture from video