The Ducati Scrambler Is a Retro Dream

The latest in the neo-vintage motorcycle trend comes complete with an iPhone charger and a very stylish skin.

After months of build-up, Ducati has finally unveiled the Scrambler, proving once again that the Italians know exactly how to tickle our aesthetic pleasure centers. So what if the bike is basically the brand’s single-cylinder dual-sport from the 1960s and ’70s wrapped around a modern engine and electronics? When a motorcycle manufacturer blends the best of old and new into something brilliant, we can forgive the lack of originality, especially when the result is a spartan 74-horsepower 410-pound beauty that makes you feel like Steve McQueen, even if you’re just meeting friends for eggs Benedict. 

And despite what the classic teardrop gas tank would have you think, banish all outdated presumptions about Italian reliability. The Scrambler’s fuel-injected 803 cc L-twin engine, lifted from Ducati’s Monster 796, has a claimed 7,500-mile service interval. Remember to change the oil and keep the tires inflated, and the Scrambler will eat up asphalt without issue. The upright handlebars and 5.9 inches of shock absorber travel mean that even in potholed urban environments, the Scrambler should be downright comfortable. You can even charge your iPhone from the under-seat USB outlet. Pricing starts at $8,589, and it’ll be available in four versions, each with subtle variations like spoked wheels and headlight grills. Look for it in showrooms in January 2015.