The Ear-Free Headphones That…Wait, What?

Tune in without tuning out.

Pop quiz, hotshot. The guy below is wearing:

a) A working Geordi La Forge visor…backwards

b) A Lobot-style computer implant

c) A mind-control device, as part of some whacked-out government conspiracy

d) Headphones

Oddly enough, the answer is D. The sleek grey Batband headphones ($149) use bone conduction to send sound directly into your ears without blocking them. 

Taking a different tact than bone conduction veterans AfterShokz—which places the vibrational transducers in front of your ears and the band behind your neck—the Batband goes right onto the middle of your noggin. Other than keeping your hair in place in windy days, this allows for intuitively placed touch controls to allow you to reach up and tap to answer a call or swipe to change your music track or volume.

With four weeks left in their Kickstarter campaign, they’re already over $400K in funding, almost three times their original goal. Keep your fingers crossed. If they reach $500K, customers will receive a carrying case. BONUS!

Photos by Studio Banana Things